Bronzer Shimmer Brush In-Shop Promotion Package

Bronzer Shimmer Brush In-Shop Promotion Package

Regular price $ 200

::Save $150 compared to buying each brush individually, making this ideal for shop and small business owners:: 


This is a custom display box that holds up to 15 individual boxed, and ready to use Shimmer Brushes. It is ideal for any tanning or beauty salon, or any type of business where you have customers who would be interested in these shimmer brushes, allowing for prominent display and sparking greater customer interest.

Each package comes with 1 display box and includes 15 packaged brushes (allowing you to choose any combination of brush head (pink or white) and shimmer powders (gold or bronzed).

We'd be happy to work with you to provide a select range of shimmer brushes and powder options that would be bets suited for your business.

Additional shipments of individually boxed brushes can also be arranged (minimum 8 required), so that your display box is always stocked and  you have product available.

Price includes free delivery within the U.S., the display box, and 15 boxed brushes and shimmer powder at a discounted price. Additional restocking will also be offered at a discounted price.


Sunless Glow Shimmer Brush from Sunless Glow on Vimeo.

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