About Us

Living in California, you would think everyone walks around with a golden, sun-kissed tan all year round, but thats far from the truth. tans from the sun can greatly increase your risks of skin cancer, tumors and growths, and cause irreversible damage to your skin. 
At SunlessGlow2Go, we customize your spray tan to best match your skin type, hair color, and even your eye color, so that you glow without any of the harmful effects from the sun, and unlike many other tanning salons - we come to you* and tan you at your convenient when you need it.
Get to know more about the services we offer, and how we can deliver a flawless sunless glow to your skin thats ready to go in minutes:
  • We've been spray tanning since 2010 all over Los Angeles, including professional athletes, actors, musicians, models, as well as first-time users who simply wanted a healthy, sun-kissed tan without the risks or hassle of sun bathing.
  • All of our solutions we use are all Fragrance-Free, Paraben-Free, ECO Cert Organic DHA Animal Friendly.
  • Our solutions dry in minutes and typically take 6-8 hours to fully develop, although we do offer an Express Spray, which develops in only 4 hours
  • Although we pride ourselves on delivering custom air-brushed spray tans to you, we also have a location in west LA, (just West of the 405), if you need to come to us.

    We typically ask that bookings be made with at least a 24-hour notice, although we can at times provide same-day tans.
    For more information on our services, please contact us at info@sunlessglow2go.com and we'll respond quickly.
    *Location must be within 30 miles of Downtown Los Angeles. Further locations are possible for group bookings. We recommend you contact us on the email above to discuss these options.
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